Martial Arts is about understanding yourself Spiritually, Mentally, Physically & Socially.

It is more than just a bunch of punching and kicking.  It is about a way of life.  Not everyone is ready to follow this path.  We are only accepting students who are looking to grow and learn from the experience.  This is not the fast track to Black Belt.  This is the path of the Empowered Warrior.

These classes are smaller in size to focus on the students, making sure that they spend time training with the Master of the school.

Here is what we ARE looking for: Individuals who looking to find their inner strength.  Those who want to be confident.  Those who want to become more than they are today. 

Here is what we are not looking for: Individuals  who are not ready to be committed to training, to learning, to growing.  Anyone who is not ready to put the working, we are prepared to ask you to not return.

Unleash Your Inner Power

At Chikara Martial Arts, we firmly believe that martial arts encompasses more than just physical combat. It is a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Our meticulously designed classes aim to nourish your spiritual, mental, physical, and social aspects. We are not interested in those seeking shortcuts to a black belt; instead, we are dedicated to guiding enlightened warriors who are committed to personal growth and transformation. With our smaller class sizes, you will receive personalized attention from our esteemed master instructors. Join us now to tap into your inner strength, build unshakable confidence, and surpass your own expectations. However, let it be known that we only accept individuals truly dedicated to training, learning, and growth. If you aren’t prepared to put in the effort, this path may not be right for you. Embark on this extraordinary journey with us and unlock your true potential. Embrace the path of the empowered warrior.